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Without you I'm a disaster


Brownie + Butterfingers Blizzard. Holy orgasmic Batman! Thanks to youandiwontfadeaway who got it for me while I was at work!

Only cause I love you lots and I feel terrible for scaring you this morning. I promise to never leave the sliding door open again😩

The mum from our wedding is starting to bloom😄

And to make today super great, Jon called and told me I left our sliding door wide open when I left for work this morning. That means it was open for 3 hours before he woke up. Seriously….

Nice. This isn’t far from where I work but we aren’t on lockdown…

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Apparently south Redford is on lockdown but our daycare isn’t???

My phone should say it will take me 9 minutes to drive to Hell…

I’m not ready for another week of chaos. That four year old I talked about on Friday is taking all my energy and patience. I hope my boss comes up with a plan soon because idk if I can keep working there if everyday is going to be worse than the last. My job used to be fun, now just the thought of going to work makes me want to cry😢


DIY Pumpkin Spa Gifts. Make these 2 cheap and easy DIYs and pair them as gifts. For other DIY spa gifts that I’ve posted i.e. milk baths, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, knockoff Lush bathbombs etc… go here: diychristmascrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/beauty

Apparently Nala likes to be held like a baby, lmao



Golden Retriever / Siberian Husky mix

That is seriously the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.

t-parks youandiwontfadeaway this looks like a even babier nala

If only we had her when she was this little!! So adorable😍

Victoria Lynn;
+Married to my best friend

{October 11th, 2013♥}
+Mama to a fur-baby named Nala♥

+Obsessed with; Reading whole books in a day, taking pictures, the Detroit Red Wings, campfires, lovely autumn days, star-gazing, the sound of the waves, sleeping with the window open, intense thunderstorms, Mr. Darcy and all things Tim Burton.

The married life♥

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